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Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears

Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears was an American-Japanese cartoon that aired in the United States and other countries in the mid-to-late-1980s. The show was made by The Walt Disney Company and premiered on NBC on September 14, 1985. It was inspired by the gummi bear candies. There are 94 episodes in 65 shows.

The main characters were seven anthropomorphic bears, although some human characters also featured. The series is set in medieval times in the once populous Gummi Glen; the main Gummies' neighborhood is inhabited only by seven gummies. The world has other gummies. Great Gummies are refugees elsewhere awaiting a signal to return. Other gummies live in Ursalia. Allies of the gummies are the people of Dunwyn (King Gregor, Princess Cala, Cavin). Their nemesis is Duke Igthorn, who aims, with the aid of ogres, to rule Dunwyn. The theme song, Bouncing here and there and everywhere was written by Michael and Patty Silversher.

The Gummi Bears gained their ability to bounce by drinking Gummiberry Juice. If the juice was consumed by humans, they would (temporarily) gain superhuman strength and for this reason, the bears kept the recipe secret. A fruit juice drink called Gummiberry juice was for a short while retailed in England, and possibly other places.

Of interesting note, aside from DuckTales and Gargoyles, Gummi Bears was the only show in the Disney Afternoon generation of TV animation that had a series finale. All the other shows, such as Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers and TaleSpin, all lacked a "last episode", and were for the most part ended on open notes.

The Gummi Bears were last seen on Toon Disney in 2001.

The Gummies
The Gummi Bears
The Gummi Bears

The seven gummies who live in Gummi Glen are:

* Gruffi, voiced by Bill Scott (Season 1) and Corey Burton, - the no-nonsense and conservative every-job-gummi
* Zummi, voiced by Paul Winchell (Seasons 1 - 3) and Jim Cummings, - The colony's "keeper of Gummi wisdom" turned magician with unreliable skill.
* Grammi, voiced by June Foray, - matriarch of the Gummi clan, she cooks and cleans and prepares the gummiberry juice.
* Tummi, voiced by Lorenzo Music, - the gluttonous teenager gummi who is seemingly unintelligent, but is as courageous as the rest
* Sunni, voiced by Katie Leigh, - "token adolescent" of the bunch who often rebels against the clan but learns her lessons eventually.
* Cubbi, voiced by Noelle North, - the youngest gummi, an aspiring knight, he is always looking for adventure, and often finds it.
* Gusto, voiced by Rob Paulsen, - (introduced in season 2) the artistic gummi and an individualist, he lives away from Gummi Glen with his friend toucan, Arte Deco. Gusto is an artist who is very creative with mercurial moods depending on how well his work is going or being appreciated. He sometimes goes to Gummi Glen to visit the rest of the Gummis. Being a latter addition, he appears less often on the show although he is a fan favourite.


1. A New Beginning (22min)
2. A Gummi In A Gilded cage (22min)
3. Sweet And Sour Gruffi (11min)
4. Little Bears Lost (11min)
5. A Recipe for Trouble (11min)
6. Gummi in a Strange Land (11min)
7. A Gummi A Day Keeps The Doctor Away (11min)
8. Duel of the Wizards (11min)
9. Do Unto Ogres (11min)
10. Loopie Go Home (11min)
11. Wings Over Dunwyn (22min)
12. Never Give A Gummi An Even Break (11min)
13. The Sinister Sculptor (11min)
14. A Gummi By Any Other Name (22min)
15. The Secret of the Juice (22min)
16. Night of the Gargoyle (11min)
17. Can I keep him (11min)
18. The Oracle (11min)
19. Someday my prints will come (11min)
20. Toadie's Wild Ride (11min)
21. The Fence Sitter (11min)
22. Zummi Makes It Hot (11min)
23. My Kingdom For A Pie (11min)
24. Light Makes Right 22min
25. For a Few Sovereigns More (11min)
26. Over the River and Through the Trolls (11min)
27. If I Were You (11min)
28. Faster Than a Speeding Tummi (11min)
29. Up, Up, And Away (22min)
30. The Crimson Avenger (22min)
31. My Gummi Lies Over The Ocean (22min)
32. Color Me Gummi (11min)
33. Gummi Dearest (11min)
34. You Snooze, You Lose (11min)
35. Good Neighbor Gummi (11min)
36. Bubble Trouble (11min)
37. Close Encounters of a Gummi Kind (11min)
38. For Whom The Spell Holds (22min)
39. A Hard Dazed Knight (11min)
40. Mirthy Me (11min)
41. The Knights of Gummadoon (22min)
42. Just a Tad Smarter (11min)
43. Too Many Cooks (11min)
44. Gummies Just Want To Have Fun (11min)
45. Eye of the Beholder (11min)
46. Day of the Beevilweevils (22min)
47. Gummi's at sea (22min)
48. Girls Knight out (11min)
49. Guess Who's Gumming to Dinner (11min)
50. Music Hath Charms (11min)
51. A Tree Grows in Dunwyn (11min)
52. The Crimson Avenger Strikes Again (11min)
53. There's No Place Like Home (11min)
54. Zummi in Slumberland (11min)
55. Tummi's Last Stand (11min)
56. Ogre Baby Boom (11min)
57. Water Way To Go (11min)
58. He Who Laughs Last (22min)
59. Dress for Success (11min)
60. Presto Gummo (11min)
61. Top Gum (22min)
62. A Knight to Remember (11min)
63. Snows Your Old Man (11min)
64. Friar Tum (11min)
65. The White Knight (11min)
66. The Magnificent Seven Gummies (22min)
67. Ogre For a Day (22min)
68. Princess Problems (11min)
69. Boggling The Bears (11min)
70. The Road to Ursalia (22min)
71. What You See Is Me (11min)
72. Bridge Over The River Gummi (11min)
73. A Gummi Is a Gummi's Best Friend (11min)
74. When You Wish Upon a Stone (11min)
75. Return to Ursalia (22min)
76. Life of the Party (11min)
77. The World According To Gusto (11min)
78. Let Sleeping Giants Lie (11min)
79. A-Hunting We Will go (11min)
80. Once More The Crimson Avenger (22min)
81. Tuxford's Turnaround (22min)
82. Thornberry To The Rescue (22min)
83. True Gritty (22min)
84. Rocking Chair Bear (22min)
85. Patchwork Gummi (22min)
86. Trading Faces (22min)
87. May The Best Princess Win (22min)
88. The Rite Stuff (22min)
89. Toadie The Conqueror (22min)
90. A Gummi's Work Is Never Done (22min)
91. Beg, Burrow and Steal (22min)
92. Queen of the Carpies (22min)
93. Tummi Trouble (22min)
94. King Igthorn part 1 & 2 (44min) (series finale)

Animation History Significance

The Adventures of the Gummi Bears is actually somewhat of a first of its kind. It was Disney's first foray into Television Animation, and at the time of its first premier very few, if any cartoons were on par with Gummi Bears' production values. The quality of Gummi Bears' production values was unheard of for a show produced in the Western Hemisphere. It even exceeded the quality of much Japanese Animation made for TV at the time. Gummi Bears is often credited by Animators and Animation Historians as having helped jump start the massive boom of Animation of TV in the late 80's all through the 90's. It also became the forerunner for Disney's famous Disney Afternoon timeslot, which gave way to classics such as Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, TaleSpin, and the legendary Gargoyles. Although shows created in its wake such as the mentioned exceeded Gummi Bear's budget and length, it is often credited as the sort of prototype to all of the subsequent animation which followed it, while Duck Tales really jump started the trend. Nevertheless, it was a gamble which paid off tremendously in the long run.

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