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Goof Troop

Goof Troop was an animated television series created and produced by Walt Disney Television Animation from 1992 until 1993. It was a suburban-family sitcom in which the central families happen to be those of the classic Disney cartoon characters Goofy and Black Pete. The character voices in the series were provided by Bill Farmer (Goofy), Dana Hill (Max), Rob Paulsen (P.J.), Jim Cummings (Pete), April Winchell (Peg), Nancy Cartwright (Pistol) and Frank Welker (Waffles The Cat & Chainsaw The Dog).

About the series


The idea for the series could have possibly been derived from several early-1950s Goofy theatrical cartoon shorts which depicted the Goof as a father to a mischevious red-haired son. Likewise, the subject of Goofy's wife came up very rarely.

In the series, Goofy now a widower moves back to his hometown of Spoonerville with his 11-year-old son Max. As it happens Goofy and Max move next door to Goofy's high school friends: Pete, a used car salesman and owner of Honest Pete's Used Cars; Pete's wife Peg, a real estate agent; and their two children, 11 year old son P.J. (Pete, Jr.) and 5 year old daughter Pistol. Max and P.J. become the best of friends and do practically everything together. A large portion of humor comes from the relatively normal Max's personality sharply contrasting with his father's.

Broadcast history and feature films

The series originally aired as part of the Disney Afternoon block of syndicated animated television shows during the 1992-1993 broadcast season. Following its cancellation, reruns aired on The Disney Channel and later on sister cable channel Toon Disney. Reruns were shown on Toon Disney until Januray 2005, when Dave the Barbarian came to the network.

Goof Troop was adapted into the feature film A Goofy Movie (1995) and its direct-to-video sequel, An Extremely Goofy Movie (2000), which take place a few years after the television show. The two films featured Bill Farmer, Rob Paulsen and Jim Cummings reprising their character roles from the Goof Troop television series in these two movies, with Jason Marsden providing the voice of Max. Sadly, actress Dana Hill, who provided the voice of Max, suddenly passed away on July 15, 1996, after suffering a massive stroke related to her diabetes.

No DVD release of Goof Troop is currently planned, although an episode of the series, "Calling All Goofs", is included on the Region 1 DVD release of A Goofy Movie.

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