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Taxi was the name of an acclaimed American sitcom that aired from 1978 to 1982 on ABC and from 1982 to 1983 on NBC.

The show was about the every day life of a handful of New York City taxi drivers working for the Sunshine Cab Company, as well as their abusive boss, Louie De Palma, played by actor Danny DeVito. Much of the show focused on the main characters wanting to achieve something more in life than being taxi cab drivers, which made the show resonate with many working class Americans. In addition to its usual comedic premises, the show often tackled such dramatic issues as drug addiction, single parenthood, blindness, bisexuality, teenage runaways, failed marriages, sexual harassment, and loss of a loved one.

In addition to DeVito, Taxi starred Judd Hirsch as Alex Reiger (often misspelled "Rieger"), Marilu Henner as Elaine O'Connor-Nardo, Tony Danza as Tony Banta, Andy Kaufman as Latka Gravas, J. Alan Thomas as Jeff Bennett, Randall Carver as John Burns (from 1978 to 1979), Jeff Conaway as Bobby Wheeler (from 1978 to 1981), Carol Kane as Simka Dahblitz-Gravas (from 1981 to 1983), and Christopher Lloyd as the Reverend Jim Ignatowski. The show was a successful springboard for most of the cast for other roles in television and film.

Taxi remains one of the most lauded television shows in American history. During its run, the sitcom was nominated for 31 Emmy Awards and won 18, including 3 for Outstanding Comedy Series. Taxi was also nominated for 25 Golden Globes, with 4 wins (including 3 for Best TV Series - Musical/Comedy), and in 1979 received the Humanitas Prize in the 30 minute category.


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