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The Powerpuff Girls

Format Cartoon
Run time 30 Minutes
Creator Craig McCracken
Starring Cathy Cavadini
E.G. Daily
Tara Strong
Tom Kane
Tom Kenny
Roger L. Jackson
Jennifer Hale
Jennifer Martin
Jim Cummings
Jeff Bennett
Kath Soucie
Country USA
Network Cartoon Network
Original run November 18, 1998��004
No. of episodes 78

The Powerpuff Girls is an animated series starring three little girls with superpowers who have dedicated their lives to fight crime and the forces of evil. The series was created by animator Craig McCracken, and first produced by Hanna-Barbera for Cartoon Network.

The show began as a project for Craig McCracken's college class at California Institute of the Arts in 1992, titled The Whoop-Ass Girls. Spike and Mike premiered the short at their Festival of Animation. They then funded a fully drawn color short, "A Sticky Situation," that also featured the Amoeba Boys. In 1995, they were renamed to the more TV friendly Powerpuff Girls as a few more episodes and new antagonists, "Meet Fuzzy Lumpkins" and "Crime 101," appeared on the What-A-Cartoon! show. A full TV series was aired in 1998. The Powerpuff Girls Movie was released in 2002.


The Powerpuff Girls

* Blossom: Red-haired, pink-eyed, and dressed in pink. She is "the commander and the leader" (aka the bookish, drill instructor-ish one). (Voiced by Cathy Cavadini)
* Bubbles: Blond-haired, blue-eyed, and dressed in blue. She is "the joy and the laughter" (aka the spacey one). (Voiced by Kath Soucie in the What-A-Cartoon! episodes, and Tara Strong in the series)
* Buttercup: Black-haired, green-eyed, and dressed in green. She is "the toughest fighter" (aka the violent one). (Voiced by Elizabeth Daily, who also recorded the theme song)

There was a fourth Powerpuff Girl: Bunny, who was brown-haired, purple-eyed, and dressed in purple. When, the three original girls couldn't handle all their crime-fighting activities any more, they decided to create a new powerpuff girl themselves, but she didn't turn out exactly as planned. Bunny appears to be mentally challenged. (Voiced by Christine Cavanaugh)

Townsville Citizens

They live in the fictional city of Townsville, USA (not to be confused with Townsville, Australia). They were created by Professor Utonium, who was attempting to make the perfect little girl by combining sugar, spice, and everything nice, when he accidentally knocked a glass of Chemical X into the mixture. The girls are super-cute and super-powerful. They have abnormally large eyes and no fingers or toes. They also have many super-powers similar to those possessed by Superman, including super-strength, the ability to fly, super-speed, and the ability to project a variety of energy blasts.

Friends and allies of the Girls include the Pokey Oaks kindergarten teacher Miss Keane, the empty-headed Mayor of Townsville (who is referred throughout only as "Mayor": in one episode where he was forced to run for re-election as Mayor, he ran with the campaign slogan 'Vote Mayor for mayor!') and his very competent assistant, the statuesque redheaded Ms. Sara Bellum (named after the cerebellum), whose face is always just out of shot (most likely a reference to the initial appearance of redhead Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man).

One of the supporting characters in the show is The Talking Dog, he mostly appears in the background, but always has something to say, and once he had an episode dedicated to him, an old lady, that is always hit when driving and a man that looks just like George Jetson.

Enemies include the mad scientist monkey Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins, The Gangreen Gang, the spoiled little rich girl Princess Morbucks (the name is a play on Daddy Warbucks from Annie), The Rowdyruff Boys (male versions of the Powerpuff girls made by Mojo Jojo), Sedusa, and the mysterious, superpowerful, red-skinned, and effeminate devil referred to only as Him. The girls also frequently combat a wide assortment of giant monsters, all of which seem to visit Earth solely for the purpose of demolishing Townsville. One-time villain appearances include Femme Fatale, Abracadaver, Roach Coach, The Smiths (their next door neighbors), and The Dooks of Doom; furthermore, a group of unsuccessful bank robbers is often seen suffering the consequences of their deeds.

The Amoeba Boys, the harmless pack of amoebas who first appeared in the "World Premiere Toon" "Crime 101," are somewhere in between enemies and friends. That is, their crimes are as primitive as their species (they considered stealing a discarded orange to be their greatest crime ever), and they have some ties with the Powerpuff Girls.


Six seasons (78 episodes) have been made, there are no plans for any future episodes.

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The Powerpuff Girls in other languages

* Finnish: Tehotyt旦t
* Portuguese:
o As Meninas Super-Poderosas (in Brazil)
o As Powerpuff Girls (in Portugal)
* Spanish:
o Las Chicas Superpoderosas (in Latin America)
+ NOTE: Originally (in the "World Premiere Toon" times), they were called "Las Chicas Coquetas" which roughly translates to "The Fashionable Girls" or "The Flirty Girls." This was changed before the series started.
o Las Super Nenas (in Spain)
* French: Les Super Nanas
* Italian: Le Superchicche
* Chinese: Literally: "Little Flying Cop Girls"
o 蕋�ぉ絨鎁活�; f�i ti�n xi�o n� j�ng (Traditional Chinese)
o 蕋�ぉ絨鎁活�; f�i ti�n xi�o n� j�ng (Simplified Chinese)
* Japanese: ����若�����若���(Pawa- pafu ga-ruzu)
* Hungarian: Pind炭r Pand炭rok (Literally "Tiny cops")
* Hebrew: ���廬 �廚���廨廚�廝 (B'not Ha-Powerpuff - "The Powerpuff Daughters")
* Polish: Atom坦wki (Literally "Little atomic girls")
* Swedish: Powerpuffpinglorna
* Icelandic: Stu丹boltastelpurnar ("the energetic girls", literally "the energy-ball girls")
* Russian: �����亠 亟亠于�仂仆从亳 (Krutie Devchonki, literally "Kick-ass Girls")


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