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Format  Sitcom
Run time  approx. 0:23 (per episode)
Creator  Bill Lawrence
Starring  Zach Braff
Donald Faison
Sarah Chalke
John C. McGinley
Judy Reyes
Ken Jenkins
Neil Flynn
Country  USA
Network  NBC
Original run  October 2, 2001–present
No. of episodes  93 (to the end of Season 4; is renewed for Season 5 in 2005-06)

Scrubs is an American sitcom on NBC created by Bill Lawrence, who also co-created Spin City.

The show, which premiered in 2001, focuses on the professional and personal lives of several characters working at Sacred Heart, a hospital in an unspecified city, and is currently in its fourth season.


The show premiered on October 2, 2001. What distinguishes it from other sitcoms are its use of narration, unusually verbose characters, abrupt segues between subplots, breakneck pace, scenes of surreal escapism (usually presented as the thoughts of the main character), and poignant scenes where the characters address how doctors deal with death, the delivery of dire diagnoses, and other hospital-related/personal issues. It also lacks a laugh track, a typical device in most sitcoms; this makes it one of the few US shows positioned as a comedy to do so since M*A*S*H. Also unlike most sitcoms it uses a one camera setup (compare to a multicamera setup). The show is structured around various storylines, which are thematically linked via voice-overs, intended to deliver a small life-lesson and often a joke.

Theme song

The opening theme to Scrubs is "Superman," performed by Lazlo Bane, which can be found on the album All The Time In The World, as well as on the first Scrubs soundtrack. Briefly during the second season, NBC increased the featured cast to include Neil Flynn and other members of the extended cast, but returned to the original credit sequence due to its appropriate length. The opening theme consists of the last few bars of the song, but the complete song has not, so far, occurred in an episode, though the music video for the song (available at the Scrubs website) does use footage from the actors and sets. The menu of the first season DVD set of the show, however, features the song in its entirety.
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Part of the cast in 2004-05 - clockwise from left: Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Judy Reyes
Part of the cast in 2004-05 - clockwise from left: Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Judy Reyes

Main cast

    * Zach Braff as Dr. John Michael 'J.D.' Dorian
      The affably nerdish narrator and main character—initially an intern and later a resident in medicine—who provides the narration most of the time. He is afraid of sharks and escalators, acts strangely around pennies, does not believe in karma (ep. "My Old Man"), believes in karma (ep. "My Karma") and collects scarves. Served as Co-Chief Resident for his fourth year at Sacred Heart, and took a job as staff internist there at the end of the fourth season. Nicknames: Newbie, Bambi, Q-Tip, Scooter, Alfalfa, Peepee Lafritz, whiz kid, Dorothy (nickname given to him when he played the lead role in his high school's production of The Wiz), numerous female names, and wants to be called tiger, does not like to be called Johnny.
    * Sarah Chalke as Dr. Elliot Reid
      A close friend of J.D. and fellow medical resident, although the boundaries between friendship and relationship have often been crossed. It is a running joke in the show that she and J.D. slept together at least once during each of the first three seasons, although creator Bill Lawrence has hinted that this may cease in order to avoid clich鐃�storylines. She has cold hands (which she attributes to bad circulation), doesn't like to be touched (implied to be because she is a WASP from Connecticut), votes Republican, speaks German and French, and is insecure about her eyebrows and her "camel" butt. According to J.D. and various patients, her bedside manner is too cold and machine-like. Served as Chief Resident during her 4th year of residency, with J.D. as Co-Chief Resident. At the conclusion of Season 4, it was announced that Elliot received an endocrinology fellowship at a different hospital, requiring her to leave Sacred Heart. Bill Lawrence has confirmed (1) that despite the move she will return in Season 5, and remain friends with the rest of the cast. Nicknames: Barbie, Blonde Doctor, Stick, Marshmallow, Smelliot, Roller-Moler.
    * Donald Faison as Dr. Christopher Duncan Turk
      Also called 'Turk' (or occasionally called 'Turkleton' by Dr Kelso), he is J.D.'s best friend, diabetic, a soon-to-be 4th year surgical resident, and married to Carla as of the end of Season 3. His cell phone number is (916) CALL-TUR, although he hopes that people will dial the 'K' anyway. Nicknames: Gandhi, Turkleton, Chocolate/Brown Bear, Black Whale.
    * Neil Flynn as the unnamed janitor
      Has made it his business to terrorize J.D. His hobbies include taxidermy (he once rid the trees by the hospital of all the squirrels). He has made some claims about his personal life, such as that he is married and has at least one child, and that he went to Harvard, but no one has ever found out if these are true. As revealed in a few flashbacks, his mother's strict parenting influenced him (indirectly) to become a janitor. It is revealed in the storyline that 'Janitor' actually played the role of a transit cop in the film The Fugitive (1993). Neil Flynn actually did play the part, mixing reality with the storyline. Janitor shares this secret only with J.D. Although he is seen tormenting J.D. about everyday in the Hospital, Janitor sees him as his only friend in the hospital. He also refers to people by physical characteristics. He is very nice to Elliot (whom he knows as "Blonde Doctor") and, as of season 4, seems to have romantic feelings for her. Nicknames: Soft-Scrub, Supercuts, Jolly Green, Sir Plunge-a-lot(secretly by the nurses).
    * Ken Jenkins as Dr. Robert 'Bob' Kelso
      The truculent chief of medicine for the hospital. He appears to be more interested in profit and staying out of legal trouble than helping patients. He and the Janitor are the only major characters whose personal lives we do not see in detail. Although appearing cold, Dr. Kelso does appreciate those around him, a fact that is completely unknown to his staff. He has a tattoo of the word 'Johnny' on his butt. He has two children, one who is portrayed as a gay heavy metal fan and another who is his secret love-child 'Kwong Tri Kelso', presumably the product of his love of asian prostitutes Nicknames: Bobbo, Bob Cat, Bobbotron, Beelzebob.

The cast - clockwise from left: Judy Reyes, Ken Jenkins, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn, John C. McGinley, Sarah Chalke and Zach Braff
The cast - clockwise from left: Judy Reyes, Ken Jenkins, Donald Faison, Neil Flynn, John C. McGinley, Sarah Chalke and Zach Braff

    * John C. McGinley as Dr. Percival "Perry" Cox
      J.D.'s sarcastic, bitter mentor, who routinely belittles him. However, he is secretly proud of J.D.'s progress. When in a good mood, he addresses J.D. as "Newbie", and when in a bad mood, he addresses J.D. using traditionally feminine names, or occasionally, classic dog names. He also usually calls Turk "Gandhi" and calls Elliot "Barbie". Doug is referred to as either "Pee Pants" or "Nervous Guy". Cox shows the same lack of respect for his superiors — he calls Dr. Kelso "Bobbo", "Bob-cat", "Beelzebob" or other such names. It is implied that this is the reason why he is not advancing up the career ladder. Unlike Dr. Kelso, Cox is shown to have a soft side, and to have a strong sense of medical ethics. He has feelings for Carla, who is one of the few people in the hospital he can stand, and "totally gets" him. When Carla is hurt by Turk's unwillingness to communicate with her, Cox protectively exacts revenge on him, exclaiming that "Nobody hurts Carla and gets away with it". He is divorced from Jordan, played by Christa Miller Lawrence, but the two have since come back together. Ted reveals that the pair were not in fact divorced, however after initially welcoming this the two got properly divorced as the revelation was beginning to sabotage their relationship. Nicknames: Per, Per-Per, Big Dog, The Big Cheese, The Coxinator, Coxy.
    * Judy Reyes as Nurse Carla Espinosa
      A strong-willed nurse who has been married to Turk since the end of Season 3. Despite Elliot's best efforts, Carla doesn't feel particularly close to her. Conversely, she and J.D. (whom she refers to —- affectionately —- as "Bambi") have a fairly close friendship. She is protective towards J.D. and stands up for him when Dr. Cox shouts at him for no reason. She claims that of all the interns she has worked with, J.D. is the only one whose approval of her she has actually cared about, to the extent that she feigned an interest in black and white photography so he would think she was more intelligent. She has a tendency to tell people their faults without them asking, and give unwanted advice. No one makes fun of her as all the other characters are scared of her. Nicknames: Nurse Turkleton, Karla from the Block.


Recurring cast

These cast members have appeared in numerous episodes since the show's incipience but remain credited as guest stars.

    * Michael Hobert as Lonnie, the medical resident under the supervision of J.D. and Elliot. He and J.D. occasionally spar with each other over insignificant incidents, but Lonnie has been spending an increasing amount of time with J.D. and Elliot. He is married with three children, and can grow a moustache in one day. Introduced at the end of Season 3, his role has continued to increase. Michael Hobert also appeared as an extra in the pilot.
    * Johnny Kastl as Doug "Nervous Guy" Murphy, the nervous and terribly inept colleague of J.D. and Elliot. After being the only person in the history of the hospital to repeat his third year of residency, he transferred from medicine to the morgue in Season 4, where his extensive personal knowledge of botched medical procedures makes him an expert coroner. Also he is under the impression that the dead bodies in the morgue are after him after having a lot of them falling on him.
    * Sam Lloyd as Theodore "Ted" Buckland, the divorced hospital lawyer whose desire to kill Dr. Kelso is surpassed only by his unfortunate inability to have an opinion; he is part of a barbershop quartet with three other administration workers from around the hospital called The Worthless Peons (played by The Blanks). He is prone to panic and outbreaks of excessive sweating.
    * Robert Maschio as (The) Todd, the jockish surgery resident who is friends with Turk, and who attempts to turn every sentence into a double entendre. He loves high-fiving. He is, however, a competent surgeon. There have been hints that his excessive boorishness towards women is over-compensation for homosexuality. He has a fixation with tight-fitting men's underwear ("banana hammocks").
    * Christa Miller Lawrence as Jordan Sullivan, Dr. Cox's ex-wife, who is his only rival for sheer sarcasm. She slept with J.D. before he realised that she was Dr. Cox's ex-wife. In Season 2, she gave birth to Dr. Cox's son, and the two have since rebuilt their relationship and live together, albeit in a non-marital arrangement. She is on the hospital's Board of Directors, but gets a full-time position at the hospital at the end of Season 4.
    * Aloma Wright as Nurse Laverne Roberts, who spends her days at the hospital watching soap operas and keeping up with inter-office gossip. She has made many comments about others "having to answer to Jesus" implying a religious background.


Major guest cast

Important roles have been played by:

    * Tom Cavanagh, as J.D.'s older brother Dan.
    * John Ritter, as J.D. and Dan's father Sam Dorian; just as on 8 Simple Rules, Scrubs featured an episode dealing with the character's death, following the real-life death of Ritter.
    * Scott Foley, as Elliot's two-time ex-boyfriend Sean Kelly.
    * Michael J. Fox, as Dr. Kevin Casey, a medical attending and also a surgeon with obsessive-compulsive disorder.
    * Brendan Fraser, as Jordan's brother and Dr Cox's best friend Ben Sullivan (character died during the 3rd season).
    * Heather Locklear, as Julie, a representative of a pharmaceutical company, lusted after by the men of the hospital. Had a relationship with Dr Cox which lasted less than a full episode.
    * Tara Reid, as J.D.'s two-time ex-girlfriend Danni Sullivan and Jordan's sister.
    * D.L. Hughley, as Turk's brother Kevin.
    * Freddy Rodr鐃�uez, as Carla's brother and Turk's nemesis Marco.
    * Josh Randall, as Elliot's new love interest introduced towards the end of the 4th season.
    * Julianna Margulies, as cold-hearted malpractice attorney Neena Broderick.
    * Amy Smart, as J.D.'s one-time love interest, and wife of a comatose car crash victim, Jamie Moyer or Tasty Coma Wife (TCW).
    * Heather Graham as attending psychiatrist Dr. Molly Clock, whom J.D. had a crush on.
    * Rick Schroder as Nurse Paul Flowers, whom Elliot dated during the 2nd season.
    * Elizabeth Bogush as Alex Hanson, a social worker at the hospital and who dated J.D. during the first season. She was revealed to be a drug addict.
    * Martin Klebba as Randall the Crotch-Punching Midget, who became a janitor in Season 3. Whenever J.D. thinks about or meets him, he says, "Powerful tiny fists." Randall joined the Janitor's impromptu acapella band, along with Troy the Cafeteria Worker (Joe Rose) in season 4 to help the Janitor impress Elliott.

Alan Ruck, Michael Boatman, Barry Bostwick, Alexander Chaplin and Richard Kind, who previously worked with Bill Lawrence on "Spin City", have also guest-starred, as have Clay Aiken, Lee Ermey, Colin Farrell, Sean Hayes, Christopher Meloni, Jay Mohr, Matthew Perry, Ryan Reynolds, Nicole Sullivan, Dick Van Dyke, Jimmie Walker, Kelli Williams, and Hattie Winston.


The cast and crew of the show have been vigilant about keeping the location of the fictionalized Sacred Heart hospital a secret, although many fans continue to speculate about where the show takes place. Based on current clues, the show seems to take place somewhere in the state of California, although the particular region is unclear. These clues include:

    * Throughout Season 3, Elliot took a commuter train to visit her then-boyfriend Sean (played by Scott Foley), who worked as an animal trainer at a SeaWorld theme park. SeaWorld has locations in Orlando, Florida, San Antonio, Texas, and San Diego, California.
    * During episodes that air during the winter months, characters are seen wearing winter clothing such as coats, gloves, and scarves, suggesting that the climate is a more temperate one than that found in Florida or Texas.
    * Exterior shots on the show reveal very flat land with palm trees and other features of hotter climates.
    * In episode 4 of the first season, Carla states that a third of the hospitals patients speak Spanish as a primary language, which may reflect upon the demographics of the location.
    * During episode 9 of the fourth season, Turk reveals his new cell phone number to be (916) CALL-TUR. The area code 916 corresponds to the metropolitan area of Sacramento, which contradicts other clues about the show's location. Many fans have pointed out, however, that the area code for cell phones can correspond to where the phone was purchased, implying that Turk may have bought his phone in the Sacramento area and brought it to Sacred Heart's home city.
    * In episode 15 of the first season Kelso describes how his father got started in medicine in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, however other clues to the location discount Kelso staying there.
    * In episode 4 of the fourth season, a conversation between Elliot and Dr. Molly Clock establishes that the time difference between the location of the hospital and Greenland is three hours, as Greenland is largely UTC-3 (though this varies from UTC to UTC-4), this places Sacred Heart in UTC-6, or Central Standard Time.

Thus far, the majority of clues seem to point to Sacred Heart being located in Southern California. In fact, the show is taped in an abandoned hospital in Southern California, near Sherman Oaks, on Riverside Blvd.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Season 1

   1. My First Day (aka Pilot) — J.D. and the rest of the interns begin their first day at Sacred Heart.
   2. My Mentor — J.D. tries to get to know Dr. Cox. Elliot gets on the wrong side of Carla.
   3. My Best Friend's Mistake — J.D. misses spending time with Turk, who he also thinks has made a mistake during surgery.
   4. My Old Lady — The three new interns have to confront death for the first time.
   5. My Two Dads — J.D. has to decide between Dr. Kelso and Dr. Cox. Elliot thinks her breasts have healing powers and Turk gives Carla a gift of a pen that unbeknownst to him was removed from someone's rectum.
   6. My Bad — J.D. is given a board member to care for, whom with he has sex. She turns out to be Dr. Cox's ex-wife.
   7. My Super Ego — J.D. is brought down a couple of pegs by another intern.
   8. My Fifteen Minutes — J.D. and Turk save the life of a TV cameraman, while at the same time worrying about intern evaluations.
   9. My Day Off — J.D. develops appendicitis and sees the hospital from the patients' point of view.
  10. My Nickname — J.D. and Carla's relationship changes when he starts to have more medical knowledge than her.
  11. My Own Personal Jesus — Turk loses his Christmas spirit after spending a night on call. He regains it after helping a pregnant girl.
  12. My Blind Date — J.D. is tasked with looking after a social worker who slipped and fell in the hospital. She is stuck in an MRI machine and he asks her out without seeing her face.
  13. My Balancing Act — J.D. and the social worker, Alex, are going out. However they are continually interrupted by the hospital. Carla is unable to have an orgasm.
  14. My Drug Buddy — A patient is suspected of stealing drugs. It turns out to be Alex. J.D. and Elliot sleep together at the end of the episode.
  15. My Bed Banter & Beyond — J.D. and Elliot spend the day in bed having sex, while flashing forward as their relationship deteriorates.
  16. My Heavy Meddle — J.D. and Elliot are not talking to each other after breaking up. Dr. Cox goes on the rampage.
  17. My Student — The interns receive their first interns, each of whom is very different. J.D.'s is very much like he was at the beginning; Elliot's is a jerk but the son of the CEO of the corporation that owns the hospital; Turk's is a smart confident woman who Dr. Cox is attracted to.
  18. My Tuscaloosa Heart — J.D. feels guilty when a rude patient, who he ignored, dies. Carla assures him that it was the terminal cancer, but J.D. is unable to sleep. Dr. Cox is unable to decide between the three women who he likes.
  19. My Old Man — The interns' parents come to visit.
  20. My Way or the Highway — J.D. is angry at Turk for convincing his patient to have surgery.
  21. My Sacrificial Clam — J.D. is stuck by a needle full of blood contaminated with Hepatitis B. He becomes scared of getting sick. Elliot chooses the hospital over her new boyfriend.
  22. My Occurrence (Part 1) — Jordan's brother Ben comes into the hospital after piercing his hand with a nail gun. His hand won't stop bleeding and the doctors suspect that he has leukemia. J.D. is unable to accept this diagnosis.
  23. My Hero (Part 2) — Ben begins treatment for his cancer, but Dr. Cox is unable to be there as he loves Ben too much.
  24. My Last Day — The interns realize they have become the jaded doctors they said they never would.


Season 2

   1. My Overkill
   2. My Nightingale
   3. My Case Study
   4. My Big Mouth
   5. My New Coat
   6. My Big Brother
   7. My First Step
   8. My Fruit Cups
   9. My Lucky Day
  10. My Monster
  11. My Sex Buddy
  12. My New Old Friend
  13. My Philosophy
  14. My Brother, My Keeper
  15. His Story
  16. My Karma
  17. My Own Private Practice Guy
  18. My T.C.W.
  19. My Kingdom
  20. My Interpretation
  21. My Drama Queen
  22. My Dream Job


Season 3

   1. My American Girl
   2. My Journey
   3. My White Whale
   4. My Lucky Night
   5. My Brother, Where Art Thou?
   6. My Advice to You
   7. My Fifteen Seconds
   8. My Friend the Doctor
   9. My Dirty Secret
  10. My Rule of Thumb
  11. My Clean Break
  12. My Catalyst
  13. My Porcelain God
  14. My Screw Up
  15. My Tormented Mentor
  16. My Butterfly
  17. My Moment of Un-Truth
  18. His Story II
  19. My Choosiest Choice of All
  20. My Fault
  21. My Self-Examination
  22. My Best Friend's Wedding


Season 4

   1. My Old Friend's New Friend
   2. My Office
   3. My New Game
   4. My First Kill
   5. Her Story
   6. My Cake
   7. My Common Enemy
   8. My Last Chance
   9. My Malpractice Decision (aka My MalPractical Decision) (Part 1)
  10. My Female Trouble (Part 2)
  11. My Unicorn
  12. My Best Moment
  13. My Ocardial Infarction
  14. My Lucky Charm
  15. My Hypocritical Oath
  16. My Quarantine
  17. My Life In Four Cameras
  18. My Roommates
  19. My Best Laid Plans
  20. My Boss's Free Haircut
  21. My Lips Are Sealed
  22. My Big Move
  23. My Faith In Humanity
  24. My Drive-By
  25. My Changing Ways


Season 5

Renewed by NBC through the end of Season 5 in May 2004 and will return, although as of July 2005 it does not appear on NBC's fall schedule, and the network has not specified a return date. The show is expected to return in mid season.


In July 2005, Comedy Central announced that it had acquired syndication rights to the first five seasons of the show and will begin airing them in the fall of 2006.


In its first three seasons, Scrubs received Emmy nominations for casting, editing, and writing of a comedy series. Following its fourth season, the show received additional nominations for Best Comedy Series, Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Zach Braff), Best Editing for a Multi-Camera series (although the series is predominantly shot single-camera, Episode 20 of Season 4, "My Life in Four Cameras", has a brief segment shot multi-camera, sitcom-style), and casting. The show also won the 2002 Humanitas Prize, 30 minute category, for the episode 'My Old Lady'.


    * The show is filmed in an actual abandoned hospital (the old North Hollywood Medical Center), with most of the props and items on the show having been supplied by the cast and crew. This allows for the crew to film exteriors at the same site as interiors. However, many of the exterior shots of the main entrance to the hospital, particularly during Season One, are not from the North Hollywood Medical Center.

    * Although initially only a recurring guest character, Neil Flynn was promoted to a main character in season 2. If the show was cancelled in its first season, it would have been revealed that the Janitor was simply a figment of JD's imagination.

    * Although we hear much about Dr. Kelso's wife Enid (nicknamed Bunny), she is seen only once, from behind and in a flashback, in episode 3-15, "My Tormented Mentor". His son, who (as of Season 3) resides in the Portland Subway System and is strongly implied to have homosexual tendencies, remains an unseen character.

    * The title sequence is quick and does not even feature credits (they roll after the sequence), but merely fast-moving pictures of the cast at work in the hospital. At the start of season 2, a longer opening credits sequence was added which featured recurring characters and credits, but was deemed to be too long by NBC who wanted to use more time for the episodes, so the sequence was quickly deleted. In occasional episodes, where they are running particularly short on time, only a brief title card saying 'Scrubs' and 'created by Bill Lawrence' appears. The chest X-ray in the title sequence was hung backwards during the first season, then corrected briefly for season 2, but then returned to being backwards. Bill Lawrence states that having the X-ray backwards was intentional as it signified that the new interns were inexperienced.

    * Sam Lloyd formed a band in college with George Miserlis, Paul Perry and Philip McNiven. In an episode of season one, they guest starred appearing as Ted the lawyer's group of singers (named the Worthless Peons) who all work at the hospital, and appeared twice in season two. Their repertoire on the show included singing television themes (both old tv shows and primetime ones), and singing telegrams that resemble advertising jingles. In an episode near the end of season three, one of the band members quit, but by the season four episode, My Ocardial Infarction, the band were back together as they attempted to outperform the Janitor's band of hospital service staff (named 'Hibbleton').

    * The titles are also often riffs on pop culture (as, indeed, is the entire show); the best abuse of the rules is probably "My Ocardial Infarction", a twisted reference to the medical name for a heart attack.

    * Most of the episodes are narrated by J.D., and the episode titles usually start with "My...". As of October 2004 three episodes have been narrated by other characters : "His Story" (narrated by Dr. Cox); "His Story II" (Turk) and "Her Story" (Elliot).

    * Tom Cavanagh was especially hired to play J.D.'s brother because of his uncanny physical resemblance to Zach Braff.

    * A 2002 episode "My Old Lady" won a Humanitas Prize in the 30 Minute Category. Also in 2002, it won an Artios award for Best Casting for TV, Comedy Pilot from the Casting Society of America. In 2003, it won the BMI TV Music Award. It has been nominated for three Emmys, and numerous other awards.

    * As of 2005, all but one of the women J.D. has slept with since the start of the series have had unisex names, the exception being Neena.

    * Several Scrubs crew members have appeared in minor speaking roles, for example writers Gabrielle Allan and Mike Schwartz. Schwartz has a recurring role as a delivery man.

    * In episode 4.9 "My Malpractical Decision" Turk changes his cellphone number to 1-916-CALL-TURK. Writer Bill Lawrence actually registered this number, and a few curious callers were surprised when cast or crew members answered the phone, which is placed on the set. The number usually takes you to a voice message which tells you the latest information regarding Scrubs.

    * Neil Flynn is an experienced improv comedian, and as such, ad-libs many of his lines. The writers specify what outcome a scene with the Janitor should have, and Flynn fills in the dialogue.

    * Former Men at Work frontman Colin Hay's music has appeared in multiple episodes of Scrubs. Episode 1-24 featured the song Beautiful World, 2-01 had Hay himself playing his acoustic version of the Men at Work song Overkill while following J.D. around the hospital, 2-13 ended with the staff singing Hay's song Waiting for My Real Life to Begin, in 3-13, Braff sang part of the Men at Work hit Down Under, and 4-17 included Hay singing the Cheers theme song.

    * Dr. Cox's habit of refering to JD by a girl's names was put in the show after the writers noticed John McGinley doing the same thing to Zach Braff.
          o Variations on the theme include Cox calling JD the names of female pop singers' and famous dogs following "bestiality rumours".

    * Episode 1.23 "My Hero" features a shot of a white-board displaying the characters’ new rotations. In addition to recognizable character surnames the board also features the names Spiller (surname of episode director Michael Spiller) and Lawrence (a reference to series creator, executive producer and sometime director Bill Lawrence).

    * Episode 4.25 JD moves out of his and Turks apartment, his new roomnumber is 47 - often seen as the most reappearing random number in the universe, there are even special internet forums created just for discussing the phenomenon of number 47.

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