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Suddenly Susan

Suddenly Susan was a US-American sitcom broadcast on NBC from 1996 to 2000. Suddenly Susan's main star was Brooke Shields, who got the show after a guest appearance on Friends.

Suddenly Susan takes place at The Gate, a fictitious magazine which is based in San Francisco. Among the magazine's employees is Susan Keane (played by Brooke Shields), who writes a columm on being a single woman. She lives with her loving grandmother, Nana (played by Barbara Barrie). Susan got the job at the magazine after deserting her fianc鐃�on her wedding day. Other employees include Luis Rivera (played by Nestor Carbonell), who is the magazine's photographer. Maddy Piper (played by Andr鐃� Bendewald) is the investigative reporter at The Gate. Restaurants are reviewed by Vicki Groener (played by Kathy Griffin) and concerts are reviewed by Todd Stites (played by David Strickland). The owner of The Gate is Jack Richmond (played by Judd Nelson). Jack turns out to be the brother of the man Susan deserted on her wedding day.

Besides the task of putting together a magazine, Suddenly Susan also focuses on the private lives of many employees in the show.

David Strickland's sudden death, by suicide, in 1999, forced changes in the show. The Gate got a new owner, Ian Maxtone-Graham (played by Eric Idle), who transformed The Gate into a men's magazine. He brought along Miranda Charles, his executive assistant (played by Sherri Shepherd). A sports writer, Nate Knaborski (played by Currie Graham) was added along with a freelance photographer, Oliver Browne (played by Rob Estes).


* There is actually an influential magazine published in San Francisco called SFGate.
* Eric Idle's character, Ian Maxtone-Graham, is named after a real TV writer (and Monty Python fan) who currently works on The Simpsons.

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